My reading was very accurate, and the guidance offered was invaluable to me. There were issues in my life that I was unsure about, Ruth made me aware of all the facts in great detail. The information I received has given me the clarity and focus to do what I want in my life. Thank you xxx

Thank you for a great reading; I have only ever had friends do a reading for me and they know me well.
Having never met you before my reading (in person or online) and to live a continent away, I was amazed at how accurate and insightful the reading was. Not just in regards to my day to day stuff but mostly to my inner thoughts that I share with no one!
Thank you for working with my guides and powers that be to give me the kick in the bum I dearly needed!
HJH ~ Canada

Thank you for my reading, it was both very accurate and inspiring, you are a very gifted lady and it is an honour to know you!
Joanne F. USA

All of my readings have been truly remarkable, I am not sure why I should be surprised but I am every time. Ruth has been more than accurate and has provided clear and personal reading every time. Ruth is a gifted and remarkable Psychic Medium who has a natural way with people.
Thank you for your help and advice.
RG (Suffolk)

My reading from Ruth was very accurate and brought to my attention aspects of my life that I have been neglecting. Many things have been on my mind lately and Ruth gave confirmation to me that I should continue. Thank for restoring my confidence and waking me up from the long sleep in order to continue my spiritual path. My best wishes to the future of this site.
Sally (UK)

The readings I have received are truly insightful. Ruth has an amazing gift. Readings are spot on, and have also surprised me, enabling me to think about a situation from a different perspective. Ruth is a very talented, loving and special lady.
M (Derbyshire)

At the time of my reading this week.....a part of what Ruth told me didn’t quite *click* for me, until the next day.... and when I realised just what it meant to me, I was quite taken aback.....the term hitting the nail on the head is an understatement..... I’ve only had 2 readings from Ruth, but she was spot on both times, even to the point that what she told me made me work something out that was bothering me before... *Thank you Ruth*

I found Ruth’s website by chance, I was in quite a bad place I had just lost my darling Nan a few days before. Ruth helped me so much, she did me quite a few readings over a number of weeks, and was spot on with all she picked up. In short this lady put me back on track with her help love and support I was able to grieve and move forward with my loss, she is truly one in a million and nothing is too much trouble for her. I’m so glad I found her, she provides both comfort and a great deal of positivity, thanks Ruth.

On the occasions Ruth has read for me, the readings proved to be relevant and accurate.
She is a very talented lady, and one at the pinnacle of her craft.
JD. Norfolk.



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