Angel Readings

Angel Cards differ greatly from the traditional Tarot. The number of cards in a deck can vary from deck to deck. Most have somewhere between 36 and 50 cards.

Angel Cards tend to have very rich images, sometimes with the name of the depicted Angel included on the face of the card, sometimes they also have a printed messages on the face of the card, which can then be entwined into the individual interpretation presented for you by your reader.

Doreen Virtue has become a well known and prolific creator of such cards in recent years with many different decks available, each with a slightly different theme running within them. The Angel Oracle that I use was created by Ambika Wauters who is also a respected research homoeopath who has done much research into the use of homoeopathic colour remedies.

Your Angel Card Reading will take a similar form to that of a Tarot Card Reading. I will shuffle the cards in the same way, holding the intention that I will read the cards for you. The cards are laid in spreads in order to aid the interpretation of the cards.




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